I am an Associate Professor of Cultural Evolution in the Human Biological and Cultural Evolution Group at the University of Exeter’s Cornwall Campus, UK.

I study cultural evolution, the idea that cultural change – changes in beliefs, attitudes, knowledge, skills, and other socially transmitted traits – constitutes a Darwinian evolutionary process that is similar (but not identical) to biological evolution.

I use experiments to simulate cultural evolution in the lab. In these experiments people typically make and copy technological artifacts such as arrowheads or handaxes. The aim is to use simple experiments to better understand how psychological processes may have shaped real-life technological change, past and present. You can read more on my Research page.

Contact details

Email: a.mesoudi [at sign]

Postal address: Alex Mesoudi, Biosciences, University of Exeter Cornwall Campus, Penryn TR10 9FE, United Kingdom


25 June: New review article in PNAS, 'Pursuing Darwin’s curious parallel: Prospects for a science of cultural evolution'.

5 May: News and Views piece in Nature Human Behaviour 'Subsistence and social learning', a comment on Glowacki & Molleman's 'Subsistence styles shape human social learning strategies'.

15 March: Welcome to André Borba, visiting PhD student from Brazil studying ethnobotany and the cultural transmission of maladaptive knowledge

9 Jan 2017: Welcome to Charlotte Brand (postdoc) and Angel Jimenez Infante (PhD student) working on Leverhulme-funded project “The Cultural Evolution of Social Hierarchy: An Experimental Investigation”

25 Oct 2016: Letter published in PNAS with several coauthors, Understanding cumulative cultural evolution

7 Sep 2016: New paper with Alberto Acerbi and Claudio Tennie published today in Royal Society Open Science: Social learning solves the problem of narrow-peaked search landscapes: experimental evidence in humans

26 Aug 2016: I have been elected Treasurer of the Cultural Evolution Society. Thanks to all who voted for me!