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“a valuable book [that] elegantly encapsulates the state of the art in what is shown to be a mature field of enquiry”—Tim Lewens, University of Cambridge, in Biology and Philosophy

“For just over a quarter century, scattered groups of renegade evolutionary social scientists have been quietly hammering away in the remote corners of anthropology, archaeology, biology, psychology, and economics to forge a fully Darwinian approach to culture. In elegantly assembling and synthesizing these disparate and often highly technical efforts, Mesoudi has turned on the lights and put out the welcome mat: the interdisciplinary science of culture for the twenty-first century is open for business.”—Joseph Henrich, Harvard University


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Journal articles

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E = empirical study with original data, R = review article, M = theoretical model, OA = open access, no paywall on publisher's website. Links to data and code are provided where possible.


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